The amount of people with sleep problems is alarming.

A lack of sleep will impact everything… your decision making, blood sugar levels, how you feel, your energy, your mood, your cravings, your hunger and how you think. Your body’s stress & inflammation will also be a lot higher.

When people are trying to change they dive straight in to looking for supplements to help them improve sleep without addressing their lifestyle, nutrition & overall health & stress first.

One of my former clients struggled with insomnia. He was running a family & had two jobs. He wasn’t eating well. He wasn’t exercising and wasn’t looking after himself.

When he came to me did we add in supplements straight away? No. Did we look for a magic pill? No.

His heart rate was high all day. His work was controlling him. He was living off of caffeine and sugar. His feelings & thoughts were driving him down a dark road.

So what did we do?

Straight away we lowered caffeine. Improved food quality Had him moving more, rather than sitting all day, with 3 days of 20 minute aerobic based cardio.

We gave him rest & recovery workouts to stimulate the “rest & digest” side of the nervous system and move away from the fight or flight system that he was living in.

we gave his day structure starting with a morning & night time routine. We removed electronics for an hour before bed. Added in x 3 epsom baths a week.

We had him brain dumping his thoughts feelings & emotions into a journal. All so he could switch off and relax.

THE RESULTS… Over a 3 month period we were able to drastically improve his sleep, lower his stress, give him more energy, more focus, clarity & better decision making.

So if you’re struggling with your sleep, reach out don’t just look for a quick fix solution.