No results in 2 years?

A client and I had a catch up chat on Sunday which sparked me to post this…

For 2 years this client had a personal trainer. He enjoyed it but he wasn’t getting

results. He didn’t see improvement in his physique & they weren’t tracking any health markers or measurements.

Now, 10 weeks in to working with us he’s…

Lost 9kg

Gone from a 40 to 34 inch waist

Brought his morning heart rate down from 72 to 55

Upped his back squat from 60kg to 90kg

Increased from 4 assisted chin ups to 6 x 7.5kg weighted chin ups

This is with just 10 weeks of detailed, thought out programming working to achieve his end goal and desired transformation.

The results speak for themselves.

Most people go to the gym and do a little bit of this and a little bit of that or jump on whatever’s free. But this haphazard approach equals no results. What you need to see results is clarity and direction.

Within 3 months of training you should see a vast difference in your physique, health, life, & mindset. If you’ve been trying to achieve a transformation and in this time you look no different… sack your coach!

So what should your coach be doing?…

Make sure they’re regularly taking photos and measurements so you’re not guessing how things have changed.

They should be tracking different fitness & health markers such as; heart rate, HRV, blood pressure, and blood glucose.

Most importantly they should work with you to set a clear path to achieving your goal; with milestones and mini goals in between (6 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks , daily etc.)

If you’re not getting this then reach out to us and we will get you a transformation 😊

Let’s be honest… a lot of the clients I work with aren’t able to train like a body builder or like their favourite athlete. Even if they had the ability, with work and day to day life they wouldn’t have the time to dedicate like these guys do and that’s fine, I don’t expect them to.

What we can take from these people at the top of their game, though, is their habits, their belief systems and their daily rituals.

If we apply those, we will be better, we will change, and we will grow. We have to crawl first, then walk, then run, then sprint, then fly.

Every client we work with and who has got great results, has built up what they do gradually. We don’t go from 0-100 because it’s simply not sustainable.

Thats why a lot of my time my clients are taken a back when they start. They’re used to crushing it in the gym, pushing themselves on every level and they expect me to do the same to them. Instead, I’m asking them to pull back a bit.

The reasons simple… you haven’t got results so far in this area of your life. So it’s time to do things differently.

We’re changing your mindset and your belief systems. We’re working from the ground up in order to achieve real, lasting results.