No gym & 2 stones down!

Lisa my client is 8 weeks in.

Lisa has lost 16cm from her waist

19cm from her hips

15cm from her thighs.

Just under 2stone down.

And we didn’t even hit the gym till 6 weeks in.

Now we are only Hitting gym sessions that are 20 minute max.

So how have we got these results? by nailing the basics, every single day being consistent, and working on Lisa’s mindset.

Lisa has been accountable to me each day.

She’s adopted every habit i have given her.

Lisa is nailing my 4 step formula morning & night time routine. ( this gives her control,sets her state of mind, & reminds her of her goal each day)

She’s done the steps I’ve given each day.

She applied rest & recovery workouts to lower her stress ( heart rate is down from the 80’s to 60’s on average now.)

Lisa has improved food each week from 50% – 80% and we aren’t even at 100%, Lisa is still socializing and having the odd drink.

Lisa has never done it this way before.

Every other time she attempted to diet she has failed.

Not this time, communication, education and accountability is key that’s why we speak daily.

Lisa is now more self aware and understands the process.

Don’t get me wrong this hasn’t been easy there have been a few down and dark days, but that’s where it is my job to pull her back to Centre and not allow lisa to self sabotage.

You wait till you see her photos next year.

Im super proud of her well done lisa 🙂

Tip of the day – Morning routine If you choose to read just one of my posts, make it this one ————————————— 🧠So heres the science, The first hour Is when our subconscious mind is operating roughly at 10.5 wave cycles per second, this means that it is then that our mind is at its most impressionable, What you choose to consume within this period is what will decide the outcome of your day. And most importantly it allows us to gage control, often we cant control the natural stresses in the middle stages of the day with work etc, so winning that morning gives our control back, and by making this a habbit, think how much this can improve our decision making and productivity🧠 ————————————— Many of us will opt to open up Instagram, Facebook and snapchat within this period, now currently we are exposed to more stress in a day, than people were in a life time decades a go, at this is someting thats installed within us as habit, rmemeber the body is an adaptive machine, you wont even know this is happening, but think of the effect that this is having. A morning routine is a great way to de stress and de clutter your mind, and

within this period where our brain is so impressionable why not choose to fill it with something of purpose ————————————— Im not suggesting you have to invest your mornings in reading, or listening to podcasts/videos however I’ve found for me this is an amazing way for me to generate momentum for my day a head and gives me great clarity which as a by product improves my performance, my productivity and my overall energy in both body and mind for the day. ————————————— ♨Find your morning routine and win the day

Tip of the day – sleep ———————————————- Optimising sleep, is something i work towards every single day with both myself and clients. Its potentially one of the most significant things in any transformation journey, having disrupted or sub optimal sleep can often be the thing thats holding you back and you may not even realise this, it doesnt matter what youre trying to achieve or improve, through research I’m finding by improving this factor of your life, everything seems to link to it in some way. It’s also important to note good sleep isn’t always defined by sleep quantity, but more quality, you should ease through the cycles of sleep smoothly, the only reason sleeping longer can help is because it increases the chances of you entering these brain waves.

Negative Impacts of poor sleep

– Down regulation of cognitive function

– Increased Inflammation

– Cooling of the pre frontal cortex (Part of the brain that impacts decision making)

– Increased Cravings

– Impaired memory

– Poor recovery

– Increased Regulation of your primary stress hormones

Quick ways you can address and improve your sleep

– Lower blue light exposure pre bed – get off your phone/laptop or TV or install apps to limit the blue light, or even buy blockers. (message me for any advise on these apps/blockers

– import routine, the circadian rhythm needs structure to function optimally, your sleep pattern starts first thing in the morning

– Be exposed to as much natty sunlight as possible

– Do all you can to unwind in the last few hours before bed, meditation, guided breathing, stretching or journaling.

– Cool your room prior to sleep

– Improve gut function, and work daily on stress management

– Limit stimulant intake, and try and consume it all by 2pm as a general rule of thumb.