If you’re struggling to get going or back on track with your body goals

Today i want you to Just set yourself 3 promises that you must keep, no matter what no excuses.

Promise 1: – drink 3 litres of water.

Promise 2: Hit a legs session like i said i would at 10am ( don’t push it till later or eventually not go).

Promise 3: Hit 10k steps today.

Hit those 3 things, praise yourself for doing it, that builds up momentum, which builds up more motivation to do more & go again.

You then start to build confidence & belief that you can do it.

Next day do it again, then again, complete it for 7 days.

Then add in another next 3 promises on top.

This is such a better tactic rather than going from 0-100, YO-yoing, bingeing & failing, and keep going through the same vicious cycle.

You need to Start small & build it in gradually to your lifestyle.

IF your struggling all you have to do is reach out and let us help get you your body of your dreams 🙂

Speaking to my client yesterday.

She has so much going off, jump starting her new business, as well as running a salon and looking after her family.

She felt like she was spiraling back to her old self, she has lost control again of her day, she wasn’t sticking to the process and was starting to binge again, and not do her daily tasks I set her.

Now she’s back on track after a 40 minute call yesterday afternoon.

We set basic rules of 5 simple tasks to follow daily, to improve her health wellbeing and give her control back.

We now have taken control back of her first and last hour of her day, so then the middle seems so much easier, with less stress & anxiety.

That’s the power of having somebody to keep you accountable with no emotion attached to pull you back into line, and back on track moving towards your goal.

It’s never going to be plain sailing, it’s even harder alone, as life, work & relationships can soon put a end to your body & health goals.