I f*cked up

One of the biggest mistakes I made as a young coach in my early days was thinking everybody could train and eat like me at the time, putting life on hold and focusing solely on that goal.

Yes this worked for a lot of clients and I used to get a lot of transformations but there was still people who didn’t respond well.

Now I’m proud to say that every client who comes through our door sees results. Why? Because we don’t go straight in with a massive change in food and diet.

Instead we focus on their lifestyle, habits, daily rituals, mindset, beliefs, their confidence and how they approach their goal.

I tell all of our clients that small wins matter. They build up, they add up.

People look for the big wins and big changes but they come from evolving and changing gradually over time.

The small things you do consistently every day are far better than doing something amazing once a month.

I don’t massively overhaul clients food. I don’t get them in the gym until they are confident and ready.

I work on their day, their lifestyle, give them control back. Then tackling the food and training is so much easier.

This is why you are seeing us posting so many more transformations and more importantly our clients are still living it 6 months later.

We have built a system that works with work and life, creating a good balance and enhancing their work & home life instead of compromising it.

They are working close to the best version of themselves so they have more focus, clarity and drive.

As a result they can have more energy to run around with their kids. They have the confidence to take the leap into the next career step.

Each day you’re creating & building your new life, health & future. So how is your future looking from today?

You’re either moving forward or falling behind. Which do you want?