How to handle stress

When it comes to stress management most people think more training is better.

One of my clients was in this exact position. He was hitting 3 weight sessions, 2 CrossFit sessions and 2 sprint and conditioning sessions a week plus Football on Sundays.

He was struggling massively with fatigue and was relying on pre workouts and caffeine to get him through.

He would struggle to get up in the morning & was wired at night.

He saw training as a stress release from a highly stressful job but what he was really doing with more training was adding fuel to the fire. This was matched with inadequate recovery and a sub par diet.

I’m not going to lie the initial call we had wasn’t what he wanted to hear and he showed me some resistance. But I’m always honest with my clients and he knew he needed to change for his health and his body.

In the initial phase I increased his food and carbs. Totally removed sprint and conditioning sessions. Brought CrossFit and weights down to 1 session a week, added in rest & recovery workouts and increased aerobic work.

4 weeks later…

He’s sleeping better Less stressed and anxious Fitter Happier And tells me he’s crushing it at work

We are now adding into phase 2 where we can increase the intensity of his training and push food up again.

Learning how to manage your stress load and improve your emotional well-being first is the best investment you can make.

Tip of the day – Running Today i wanted to discuss a common subject in the fat loss industry which is running, how effective is it to promoting fat loss? First of all, the number 1 key foundation to eliciting fat loss, is creating an energy deficit (its not the only foundation though) in other words expending more energy then we are consuming. With that being said, as we all know, as its hard work, running is a way we can burn calories, as it demands a high energy expenditure when we do it. Is it right for everyone? do i use it with clients as a part of programming? As a rule of thumb, no it isn’t, and i prefer to use other methods to create a shift in energy balance. Running and in particular road running, is extremely taxing on our joints, if you cant walk the next day and your ankles and knees hurt, its not a success, its not “doms” its just taking life currency off of those joints and promoting your chance of long term injury. The trouble is as people are often using this for fat loss, this probably means they’re un healthy, carrying excess weight, and more than likely stressed either emotionally or physically.

So placing load through joints that are going to be under a lot of pressure due to all of the above, isn’t an efficient way of burning calories.

I place running in if a client is, wanting to improve their running, have healthy joints, are within a healthy weight range or just really really enjoy it.

I have no agenda with running, i think if you love it, great…but my tip of the day is, read all of the above and asses if its ideal for you right now or is there other ways that would help shift you’re energy balance in a less taxing and safer manor.