Are your beliefs holding you back?

First you make your beliefs; then your beliefs make you.

So be aware of what you’re thinking at all times. Thinking you’re not good enough, or that you can never lose weight, get fit, be happy, have money, find the right relationship is toxic.

If you think it enough, guess what? It will come true. Your brain will go out of its way to prove your belief is right and will look for affirmation from everywhere.

You could have the belief that all dogs are vicious and your brain would find evidence to prove that point. Somebody else could have the belief that dogs are loyal and great companions and their brain will find evidence to support that. Having a fixed mindset would not allow either person to believe the others conclusion, so the person who’s scared of dogs will continue this way forever.

It’s the same with weight loss. You may have failed lots of times and at the minute think you’ll never get lean or healthy. This thinking won’t help you, in fact it will do the opposite. We are all a product of our beliefs, but the good news is we can control them.

So let’s re-consider things with some more critical thinking. The person scared of dogs may have witnessed a vicious dog attack but if they think logically they’ll realise they’ve met more dogs who were friendly than those who wanted to attack them.

How about a lacking belief around weight loss? Maybe you didn’t have the knowledge in the area or anyone to be accountable to last time. Maybe you didn’t hire someone with the right expertise. This makes more sense than you being the one person in the world unable to change!

It’s important to realise the language you’re using and the beliefs you currently have. Are they logical and are they helping you or hindering you?