Diets have 5% a success rate

Diets have a 5% success rate with people usually sticking to them for a maximum of 6 weeks. This might not be a shock to you, you may have experienced it for yourself… but have you ever considered why?

Most people approach a diet by restricting what they can do, avoiding foods and depriving themselves of anything they enjoy eating.

Then you end up resenting the process. You’re hating every second of it. Counting down the days till your holiday or that event that they’re aiming for. Counting down to the day you can enjoy yourself again.


So now you’ve lost confidence in yourself and the process you were using. The self belief that you can change is gone. The self hate is creeping back in and your telling yourself things like…

“We’re not built for this… it’s not working so let’s not try any more… we were just born this way”

6 month’s or a year later when you’re ready to battle yourself again, determined to make a change, you do so with even more restrictions in place because you no longer trust yourself… and the same cycle repeats. Over and over.

5 years later you still haven’t changed. You hate your body and can no longer see how change is possible.

But you’re looking at it all wrong…

When you’re told you can’t have something you want it more. So working that way just won’t do what you’re wanting.

So what do we need to do to increase our chances of success?

Enjoy it.. You have to find a way to enjoy your diet… have food you enjoy and trying out new options to replace some of the things you need to be eating less of.

No quick fix… Stop looking for a quick fix solution and instead focus on incorporating your new habits and process it in to a lifestyle.

Track progress… Find different ways to measure success and keep tracking it week on week. This will make you more motivated and build up your confidence & belief.

Create new beliefs… Believing that it will work and that this is the start of the new YOU & your new lifestyle.

Working on YOU… Your daily habits Your daily daily rituals Your self worth Your environment

Be accountable… When you’ve had a tough day or you’re tired, hungry or emotional, support is key… particularly when we‘re still in the early stages of changing your habits.

If you can nail these areas then you will consistently get results for the next 6-12-18 months!