Health mode vs. Beast mode

Some people think I must ‘beast’ my clients to them results. They’re wrong.

The first thing I do is get my clients healthy; minimise stress, optimise gut function and work on their mind and emotional wellbeing.

Then when they’re in a good place I push them.

Being smashed by your trainer and eating low calorie food, may get you short term results but in the long run it impacts your health negatively and makes weight loss even harder.

Within ‘health mode’ education is key. You must learn how to train and execute correctly. Learn how to lead this as a sustainable lifestyle not a 4-6 week quick fix. Learn how to manage and deal with stress. Learn when is the right time to push and the right time to pull back.

Take a recent client; I’ve not let him train at all for 3 weeks (even though he wanted to). Instead we’ve focused on walking more, stretching, improving rituals and habits, as well as managing stress and improving his blood sugar levels.

We’re taking it one day at a time, gradually moving him over from his old diet, to where I want him to be. Of course I could of switched him to an amazing nutritional plan day 1 but he isn’t an expert yet, he’s coming from an amateur level and I need to consider that.

Would he of stuck to it? Sure, maybe for a few weeks but after that he’d more than likely fall off.

Gradual sustained progress is key.

Now with this same client I’m introducing two gym sessions and improving his food to 60% over the week. Then we can reassess and hit the next milestone. We’re constantly progressing and building up that momentum.

More importantly he’s enjoying it and asking me what’s next? What can we do more? When these questions start coming I know they’re fully on board.