“Danny I’m gonna do this diet for 4 weeks”

& there is s your problem, you’re looking for a quick fix solution.

4 weeks you can’t change your mindset. You can’t adopt new habits. It simply isn’t long enough to change YOU.

You will fall back into old ways & patterns once the 4 weeks is over, & you don’t have new goals your working towards.

I tell our clients, this isn’t a diet, this is a total life transformation.

We aren’t just going to work on your diet, that’s a part of the puzzle.

We will help you with your daily structure. Your habits Your daily rituals Your beliefs.

When you address all these, and have a nutrionally plan you enjoy and can stick to for the next year.

You will keep changing & getting results.

Gone will be the days of you fighting against your diet.

With no more binge eating & Yo-Yo dieting.