Binge eating

Where’s my binge eating crew at?

Look we’ve all been guilty of this. It causes a massive impact on our lives; the results we see and our feelings towards food and fitness.

It might feel like you’re sabotaging yourself or constantly binge eating, but are you?

Write down the hours you binge eat. For lot’s of people binge eating only actually happens between 8-10pm; that’s only 2 hours a day (less than 10%) – the other 22 hours you’re bang on.

So you’re not that f*cked up, hopeless or useless. If you’re good for 90% of the day then that’s good work. Now we just have to work on the other 10%.

First, be aware of where you’re going wrong. Get to know it and find out why. Then we can address it and make a change.

See what I did there? All I did was flip my perspective and turn it into a positive feedback tool for me to achieve the next goal, rather than me dragging my ass into the ground, hating myself and feeling guilty.

I know I’m close. I’m 90% on point so I just need to work on the 10%. My danger hours where the inner monster comes out are between 8-10pm so this is where I have to enforce a new habit or a different reward rather than food.

Become aware of the problem – address the problem – then reinforce a new habit.

Most importantly… quit being so hard on yourself and reward yourself for doing so!